10 most expensive private jets

This plane dubbed “The Bandit” gets its name from the smoky cock-pit. This aircraft is owned by the richest man in Russia – a billionaire Alisher Ashmanov. Bombardier Global 7500. Alisher Usmanov, Russia’s second-richest man, has a luxurious Airbus A340 – $ 400 million. Gulfstream G550 first release was in 2003, and it can carry up to 18 passengers.

The price of this Airbus A319 is $80.7 million because of its latest design and modern facilities in it. Tyler Perry’s Gulfstream III: Image source. Inside there is a master bedroom with a work desk and an integrated home theatre system, a television room featuring a 52in flatscreen TV with a control box giving access to over a thousand of Trump’s favourite movies, not to mention a bathroom with a circular shower. As a measure to reduce the cost, the US Air Force had to reach a deal with Boeing to purchase two 747-8 Intercontinentals that were made for the Russian airline Transaero but were yet undelivered before the airline was declared bankrupt. The aircraft has a fully-equipped concert hall and a spacious garage that houses the Prince’s Rolls Royce. Alisher Usmanov is the richest personality of Russia and also owns this expensive jet with the value of $350-450 million. Harrison Ford is more than just a hugely successful actor, he is also a highly respected pilot. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ – $403 Million, Bombardier BD 700 Global Express – $47 Million.

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive private jets in the world: The 10 Best Investment Apps to Grow Your Wealth, The 20 Richest Comic Book Characters of All Time. #FLIBS2020 #yacht #jetset ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, #TBT A look back at our cover story with Michael Keaton: Hollywood’s Plain Clothes Provocateur. Some most expensive things and luxuries of life are always associated with the rich people as normal ones cannot afford them. The other 747 on our list belongs to the Sultan of Brunei – one of the richest monarchs in the world. He is a billionaire because of his business and has purchased this jet with customized features according to his demand. The original cost of this jet was $57, but its interior has increased its cost. That’s not all, the plane even features a concert hall for his friend’s entertainment.

It is a superstar that has made appearances in several Hollywood movies such as Salt, Wanted, and MR & MRS Smith. This special plane has purchased this custom made jet with a large value to make his traveling experience more comfortable and luxurious. His customised Gulfstream III sports a “Flying theatre” configuration, featuring a huge 42-inch HD LCD screen, multiple Blu-ray players, iPod docking stations, a satellite TV and a theatre lighting with electronically controlled window shades. Dubbed “The Flying Palace”, the aircraft also has a courtroom with a majestic golden throne located strategically on its expansive floor. If Mr Ambani ever decides to sell it, this could be a great investment for the time conscious billionaire businessman!

It’s owned by America’s current president, Donald Trump, which he made obvious by branding his name on the exterior of the plane. The VC-25B is to replace the VC-25A as the principal aircraft in the Air Force One fleet (that is the fleet of the US President). 11 flight attendants are on-board to ensure a consistent well-being of the prince. Next on the list is Roman Abramovich’s own private jet. Also, as you would expect, it has separate bedrooms, bathrooms and a walk in cargo area if you want to stretch your legs mid-flight. What else would you expect from him? An artist’s representation of the Boeing VC-25B is expected to look like when completed: Image source. It comes fully loaded with all the goodies you’d expect to see in a private jet, plus the entire cabin system can be controlled by a smartphone app! Some people spend their lives with very high standard of living which can be seen through their luxuries and lifestyle as well. Ever heard of Metalloinvest? It can transport almost 300 people in it as it was also used for the traveling of a famous football team called Chelsea. RELATED: 10 Most Expensive Perfumes In The World. One more interesting fact about Boeing 757 is that it is powered by a pair of Rolls Royce RB211 Turbofan engine. It’s very easy to see why it's as much as it is and with that kind of price-tag. Also, its cockpit features CRT displays as well as an Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS).

He owns this luxurious private jet which has the value of $125 million. The Airbus A340-30 is owned by, Russian billionaire, Alisher Ashmanov and was named after his father. The private jet features a gallery, conference area, dining room, a large bathroom and a stateroom. However, what we do know is that it’s been seriously upgraded and remodelled inside with the world best luxury furnishings. However, there are other costs being projected in relation to the delivery (such as the construction of the hangar, added communication and security fittings, software/hardware engineering and more) which has the cost capped at $5.2 billion. So in this post, we have examined the 10 most expensive private jets in the world today, counting from the least priced to the most expensive of them all. It’s Russia’s biggest iron-ore producer, and its CEO, Alisher Usmanov had $500 million to drop on some fancy transportation. This beautiful business jet belongs to an American producer, actor and director – Tyler Perry. Facts About His Family and Net Worth, Understanding Benzino’s Net Worth, Age, Career Achievements, and Marriage, What Is Akon’s Net Worth and How Old is He? Its a part of the “Dreamliner” series and it sells itself with everything that it includes for the hefty price of $153 Million. For the record, Kyle Richards is... What could be better than passing time other than watching an adult movie on your television, computer, or anywhere? This Boeing 747 is no ordinary 747, hence the VIP in its name and price tag! A Boeing 747 BBJ of the Sultan of Brunei (a.k.a Brunei Flight): Image source.

The most expensive private jet and definitely the most exclusive plane on our list belongs to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. He was the candidate for president so it is obvious he can easily afford it. Yes, the Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner on the Planet (with a capacity for 800 passengers) as we all know and provides the most exquisite flight experience that money can buy. It features a 42-inch HD TV that comes with multiple Blu-ray players that pair exceptionally well with its satellite TV capabilities. Because the billionaire wanted it to be a home away from home, and with the amount they dropped on it, it’s safe to say that it has more than the potential to be. These jets are perfectly designed, and also have three zones for different temperatures, so the comfort of passengers with different needs is always considered. Who are the Shortest and the Tallest of Actors Who Played James Bond?

According to Forbes, Roman Abramovich is the 9th richest man in Russia, and that alone should tell you what type of style this man likes. We could understand that move with all the things that these planes included. Take a look at the world's most expensive private jets possessed by the wealthiest people across the globe. Nicknamed “The Bandit”, due to its cockpit paint job, the Boeing 767-33A’s (ER) interior has been decorated in gold and finished off with solid chestnut furniture. The lavish interior features golden fittings all over the plane, including the gold plated seat belt buckles in the main and guest cabins as well as a gold plated sink and faucets in the bathroom. A jet with a price tag 47,7 Million USD surely has perfect accommodation for real long trips; it has a gallery, work stations, conference area, large bathroom, dining room, and also a state room with a bed that can be folded out. A graduate of Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome, Italy, Chinedu Desmond Nweke is a computer teacher, writer and a humanist.

The Global 7000 has more than an 8,500-mile range, which means it can travel non-stop from New York to Sydney, Australia on one tank!

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