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This way you can expand the reach of the scavenger hunt and also learn more about your kids and what they love. Just show you old man how much you value him by clicking adorable selfies. Report sent! Advertisement. From wallet to spectacles: this hunt asks you to list (and find) the things that your dad needed before zooming off to his office. Sign In To PBS KIDS. If your kids are young you can opt for mundane everyday sounds and in case they are a bit older you can opt for complex sounds like metal screeching, glass breaking, cars honking, birds chirping, electricity buzzing, and much more. Remember, the lesser the time, the tougher the game, but that also makes it more fun! Instead of collecting the objects, your kids can go around the house and simply name the things that resemble the sounds listed.

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You can award points in a deprecating order depending on who comes up with the word and correct spelling first. Now make a list of all the letters and write them on different cards. Press Esc to cancel. Clifford Scavenger Hunt Added in 12.01.2016, played 4934 times, voted 62 times 89% likes 11% dislikes ADD TO FAVORITE NOT WORKING? Play Cliffords Scavenger Hunt Game with Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo and help Clifford find all of the hidden treasures! (Refrigerator), Fill me up and make me fat, you like me best when I’m like that. Start by forming a list of easy to difficult words depending on the age of your kids. From the back of your laptop to the pillow you were lying on, every object counts, as long as they are reasonably warm to touch. Once you have your list ready, follow these rules to have a fun Scavenger hunt with your friends or family over a Zoom video call. Clifford is about to be doing something that is really important and we want to see if you are going to be dedicated enough. This is the player that must have the Scavenger hunt list. Too lazy to sort through your cluttered shelves to find something from your past?

Depending on the age of your kids you can include a list of shapes in the Scavenger hunt list and they can then go around the house that consists of the listed shapes in order to win the game. Elemental Reaction Madness!

Add a timer to spice things up.

Simply ask them to find objects that make a crinkling sound — newspaper, aluminum foil wrap, etc.

We do! Show us something that is really important over here because clifford is really adventurous in this manner and you would be the first one to be using it. Simply ask/help them to find stuff that are warm to touch and let their imagination run wild. The aim of the game is to gather as many points as possible by finding the object before the rest of the players. This Halloween, pick a classic horror movie and come up (as a host) with 10/15 common items from the movie. How to Install Android 11 on Raspberry Pi 4, How to Delete OTP Messages Automatically After 24 Hours on Android, iPhone 12 No Charger Issue? If you don’t feel like creating your own list of items, Google for Scavenger hunt ideas to quickly gather some interesting ones. Mar 12, 2013 - Clifford's Scavenger Hunt~ Games, printables, and more at You can organize a scavenger hunt based on items that you can recollect from your childhood or a version of it or create one with photos of certain memories. The idea is similar, but the horizon has been broadened to add more items to your list. Since the idea of the game is to see who can locate and bring items the fastest, the point system is based on who reaches first. Clifford is here to have a lot of fun with you dear kids and that;s the reason why we realy hope you are going to try out all the games with him bcause he and his little friends are waiting for you with a lot of excitement and you will see that they are just great playing buddies and that you will love playing with them right here on our site, whenever you would like to do that. Yes, you can! Something that makes your kids feel happy, Something that makes your kid feel embarrassed, With four strong legs, I stand with pride. But lose track and you will see, you’ve nearly finished what you put in me. Keep in mind, that depending on where you live, the items in a household would vary. Apps; Shop; Parents; TV Times; Settings; Games; Videos; Activities If your kids are young, you can opt for easy shapes like square, circle, rectangle, triangles, and so on. Unlike most scavenger hunts, this one asks your kids to use their auditory skills. All you need is a few things, and a good imagination to write the rules.

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