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When I made the decision to pursue medical school as an older nontraditional student who had not taken science classes since high school, I was confident that my GA education would carry me through. D.O.P.E. Best All-Girls High Schools in Connecticut, Best High Schools for STEM in Connecticut. What I learned from the Academy is that something that is always growing makes me happy. Upper School Then, using tools and inspiration from the Engineering & Design Lab, I will have the girls design and 3D print their own prosthetics. As a coach, it’s thrilling to see the girls compete, work as a team, and persevere. Starting families with the engagement and expertise that culminate in a rewarding experience. When my little sister started in PC I told her that every grade at GA is really fun, that you learn a lot, and that the teachers and other girls are awesome!

GROUP V MUSIC TEACHER MICHAEL SCHAFTEL, CLASS OF 2018, CLASS OF 2019, GROUP VII & GROUP IX PARENT. It’s incredible that high school juniors and seniors can take resume writing and interview workshops without ever leaving campus, or that they can explore different career opportunities through shadowing experiences and internships arranged by the CRC. GA provides students with both AP and non-AP options for Statistics. 203.485.3660 (Admission), 1275 King Street I feel pretty lucky. Having these skills is incredibly empowering and sets them up to achieve their goals in high school and beyond.

Through discussion and interactive class activities, the group IX and X curriculum is carefully planned, and includes developmentally appropriate materials covering health, wellness and life skills.

GROUP XI DEAN and ADVISOR. It’s not only my responsibility to help my friends. By the time our girls graduate, they have an incredible sense of self at an age when I think many are struggling to figure out their place in the world. That is one of our major focuses in Group I, to make the girls more independent.

Not only that, our teachers care about us beyond just what goes on in class. I will never take my experience for granted and I think every day about ways I can give back and continue the GA legacy. I want to look out for the younger girls as well. Average SAT composite score out of 1600, as reported by Niche users from this school. I am extremely impressed with the administration of Greenwich Academy's Upper School. Teachers here share a belief that great teaching begins with great relationships, and our hope is that through these relationships we will inspire a love of learning and a deep, unshakeable curiosity about the world that will inform our students’ lives forever.

Located on a beautiful 110-acre campus in Greenwich, Connecticut, Sacred Heart Greenwich is an all-girls’ Catholic, independent college-preparatory day school that offers a rigorous academic program that challenges students to take on a variety of … Greenwich Academy’s College Counseling Office offers a collaborative, student-centered approach to the search and application process. When your daughter joins our Lower School, she gets the benefit of hundreds of big sisters to look up to and aspire to be. The Greenwich Academy Portal, a global classroom built into the school, enhances our department’s goal of fostering global citizenship by providing a forum for face-to-face dialogue with peers in such countries as Honduras, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

A GA education gives you the foundation to take any path, no matter how wind-y, to your future career.

It’s difficult to separate what I can attribute to my mom’s excellent parenting and to GA’s amazing community and education. 1177 King Street, Greenwich, CT 06831 203.531.6500 Located on a beautiful 110-acre campus in Greenwich, Connecticut, Sacred Heart Greenwich is an all-girls’ Catholic, independent college-preparatory day school that offers a rigorous academic program that challenges students to take on a variety of leadership roles on campus and beyond. 665 Stock Farm Road, Randolph, VT 05060.

Greenwich, CT 06830

Not long after my daughter started at GA in Group V, she was asked to speak at a large parent event. Middle School Recently, one of my classes was especially interested in how a microscope works.


GA teachers are the best! She had always expressed anxiety about public speaking but the Middle School head and advisor saw her potential and encouraged her to take advantage of the opportunity. More than anything, I'm impressed that our students and alumnae have confidence in expressing their opinions and are able to articulate them in respectful, clear, and powerful ways.

During the junior and senior years, students may select from a wide variety of courses, including specialized semester electives such as Modern Middle East, Debate, and Criminal Justice, and full-year AP classes including World, Art History, Human Geography, and Comparative Government.

Greenwich Academy is a top rated, private, all-girls school located in Greenwich, CT. All students are encouraged to pursue voluntary efforts. Our graduates are ready.

Tuition is $41,890 for the highest grade offered. Every day we see faces of full of promise in the GA girls and our complete focus is in helping each one to reach her full potential.

My partner and I researched Mesa Verde, we built a model, and presented our work at the Famous Buildings Expo. Coordination means a single course catalog with more than 200 courses—83 of them Honors and Advanced Placement. It’s on my resume and when I went for my interview at my current firm, it was noted by the managing partner.

Students may opt to take an experiential U.S. Civil Rights course that includes a week-long tour of the Deep South, or they may apply to take the Advanced Placement U.S. survey. The Group IX curriculum engages students in a thematic examination of world history from 1750 to 1945, focusing on core ideological concepts such as classical liberalism, nationalism, and imperialism, that define and dominate the modern era.

My advisory and I are a team and I know I play a crucial role in making her experience the best it can be. One thing for sure is that I always grew up thinking about how I could change the world.

For statistical data about Greenwich High School and other schools in Connecticut, visit the Connecticut State Department of Education Insight Into Education website. After studying their parts and how they function, they were each able to build their own microscope in the Engineering & Design Lab.

Freshman honors biology students have the option of taking an expedition course in which they participate in authentic research as a group outside of school. This year the girls were frustrated that they had to clean up their block structures every week and wanted a permanent structure.

How cool is that?

Science in the Upper School means risk-taking, independent and collaborative thinking, and personal growth and discovery. Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, Connecticut serves 811 students in grades Prekindergarten-12. Numerous classes make use of GA’s Engineering & Design Lab as a space to design and create culminating projects. If you're looking for a top-tier education and are willing to struggle a bit socially, GA will prepare you for college and beyond. Our Health & Wellness program, which includes guest speakers, advisory activities, and supplemental programs, promotes self-respect and respect for others, and aims to provide students with the information and skills necessary to support healthy decision-making, relationships, and living. And the conversations we’re having here about diversity, equity, and inclusion are the same conversations taking place at other schools in town. I appreciated all the ways that GA fostered community and family spirit, from processing for assemblies, to mid-morning snack afterwards (no matter how old you were), to serving lunch family style, to all the clubs and teams. AISHA GAWAD, DIRECTOR OF DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION.

I feel like there’s no better way to learn those lessons than through athletics and PE because every game, practice, and class is about success and failure, and what you learn from that, and how you move forward.

GROUP VIII ADVISOR I literally speak to someone from GA at least once a day. (Diversity Outreach Project Enterprise) happens to be one of the accepted groups embracing not only students of color but all students of every background, gender, and race. We want their classes to take root, and we’re always looking for new ways to do that. During my time at GA, I was encouraged by all of my teachers to research things I was curious about and to think critically. Pre & Lower School Families across the economic spectrum benefit from GA’s expansive tuition assistance program.

Deans maintain their role in a particular grade and build up a nuanced knowledge of that year of the high school experience. The Upper School math curriculum is designed to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of math, and to feel secure in their ability to meet challenges head on. A college-preparatory day school for girls pre-K through 12.

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