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| Having many different length lines and especially many short lines means the battery was etremely out-of-balance with several bad modules. The core modules can be reconditioned and placed in valuable inventory. A Prius has a single 28-module pack. For USA Financing: Crest Capital Financing. Most testing is performed on Lithium-ion chemistries, but testing can be safely conducted on almost all chemistries within Millbrook’s battery test laboratories. Battery reconditioning and cell balancing is a well understood process initially developed for NiCad batteries. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Alibaba.com. The EVc unit is a push-one-button-after-wire-up system for mom and pop shots to large vehicle operators. For performance and life testing of battery cells, most test channels are rated at 5V/250A. Melasta 7.2V 6Ah NiMH Hybrid Car Battery pack for Honda for Insight, for Civic, for Accord and for Toyota for Prius Items Battery Type NiMH Battery 1 Battery Cell's Type NiMH D Type 2 Battery Configulation D6000* 6 3 Voltage 7.2V, End-of Charge Voltage @9.6V, Cut-off Discharge Voltage@ 6.0V 4 Battery Capacity 6Ah (43.2 Wh) 5 Cycle life > 3000 cycles (80% DOD, Charge to 90%, Discharge to 10%) 6 Max Continuous Charging Rate 15C (90A) @ 20℃~ 45℃ 7 Max. Anyone can recondition, balance and replace a battery using the EVc battery repair system of equipment and software. Specification: Remark: 1. Reconditioning recovers lost capacity. The chart below is a real time display of module parameters during the cell balancing process. Delivered anywhere in the USA! NiMH cells have a nominal voltage of 1.2 V. A Ford Escape module has 5 cylindrical NiMH cells in series. 2007-11 Honda Civic IMA Module Cells Out of stock. Alibaba.com Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress This failure process (i.e., module-to-module variation of amp-hour (Ah) capacity) is referred to as an “out of balance” pack. 4. - Module and small pack testing is supported by test channels of: Millbrook also performs EV battery life and performance tests on full packs. Shenzhen Kingstar Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Spaceflight Power Supply (Longnan) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Chuangmei Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xinlongding Technology Co., Ltd. Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Flydee Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Nenco Power Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Boltpower Storage Technologies Co., Ltd. Changsha J&W Electronics Corporation Limited, New Cell 14.4 volt Nimh battery replacement hybrid car battery for toyota prius C 2012 AQUA hybrid battery, 14.4V 6.5AH Car Battery Pack Cell New Hybrid Battery For Honda Insight 2010 2011 2012 Replacement Hybrid Ima Battery, Hybrid Car Battery Pack Cell 14.4V 6500mah Hybrid Battery For Lexus, 14.4v 6500mAh Ni-MH Auto Battery Hybrid Vehicle Replacement Hybrid Battery Cell For Toyota. lithium battery lithium battery lithium battery lithium battery lithium battery lithium battery lithium battery W e can do the battery pack as your request, please feel free to let us know your detail application and request. How to use an EVc reconditioner for hybrid battery repair and replacement. and other special files needed for shipments to some regions can also be secured . | Modules are nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells connected in series. The EVc units will refurbish cores with no prior experience required. What kind of data does the EVc output file provide? Training includes: Connections to prismatic or cylindrical modules, Use of EVc to identify high resistance modules. The unused capacity undergoes a correctable degradation process that reduces battery capacity. The EVc tools are simple to use. Customized 2-D and 3-D heated vacuum tables, Operando Spectroscopy in peer reviewed publications, software configured laptop computer (USB connection to the EVc unit). A cell is the smallest unit of a battery, comprised of 4 key components including cathode, anode, electrolyte and separator. However, these can be run in parallel for higher currents, for example two channels running in parallel allows testing at 5V/500A. Balancing recipes and their automated implementation are covered in the NuVant battery reconditioning course. On the second day, results of the overnight process are thoroughly discussed along with data processing. A Ford Escape has two 25-module traction packs. EZstat Pro potentiostat / galvanostat: Impedance spectroscopy 0.1 – 10 kHz, EZstat Pro application notes for the classroom, Powerstat: High current potentiostat galvanostats w/ EIS, HEV battery one-on-one training session registration, Hybrid vehicle battery Power Test equipment, Hybrid vehicle battery short course registration, Northeastern University Electroanalytical Chemistry Course. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Buy new and low-cost reconditioned/balanced hybrid vehicle batteries from Thornaut. 3. Battery Module Testing. NuVant has simplified the process to bring electrochemistry to the streets. Replace customer hybrid batteries. Q3. Q: Can you print my logo on the battery cover9 A: Yes, custom logo service and branding is available. The steps are:1 Extract the hybrid battery pack from the vehicle2 Remove the high voltage cable3 Connect modules in parallel to the EVc-30 (see photo below)4  Press the start button. Each NiMH battery module is non-spillable and in a sealed case. Hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning & cell balancing. What is a hybrid battery module? We provide best price, good quality and fast delivery. All these strengths give us the stand to always be ready to deliver the best of all projects we handle. A hybrid vehicle traction pack battery consists of modules configured in series. A Toyota Prius module has 6 prismatic NiMH cells. During the reconditioning process, the terminology required for understanding cell balancing will be thoroughly explained. Instructor: Jonathan Doan, Senior Research Scientist Hybrid vehicle battery repair, or refurbishing, is a rapidly growing industry. Click Here To Visit Thornaut! Give Us a Call Now! 130 N. West Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307, Leading the world to advanced electrochemical technologies electrochemical technology and education, Equipment for hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning, repair and balancing. We ship world-wide! What’s the MOQ9 The Minimum order quantity is 100 pieces for each model. 2005-2009 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Module Cells. Price $45.00. Battery cell testing is conducted to a number of standards including IEC 62660 and QC/T 743. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 2. Intellectual Property Protection Improper cell balancing will destroy the module casing, causing electrolyte leakage; Individual cell replacement does not address the health and age of other cells, leading to multiple, compounding repair costs ... New vs. Regular Price $55.00 Sale Price $36.00. Looking For Hybrid Battery Replacements? The output report:a identifies high resistance modules (e.g., > 10 mΩ for a 6-cell module).b enables sorting and selecting of modules for pack assembly based on amp-hour or watt-hour capacity.c pairs up modules into blocks based on module rest voltage.d archives all data for your warranty  management program. | Do you offer the OEM service9 Yes, we can offer the OEM service, and the MOQ is 500 pieces for each models. Q4. A hybrid vehicle traction pack battery consists of modules configured in series. Customers are provided with test reports at the end of testing and are given daily updates on progress, which can include the previous day’s logged data. Battery cell testing is conducted to a number of standards including IEC 62660 and QC/T 743. This complementary on-line (TeamViewer) training provides sufficient time for remote reconditioning of your first 2 packs simultaneous with the suggested training agenda. Lines of different lengths represent different capacities of the modules. How can I rapidly start up my battery replacement and installation business? CONTACT US. The hands-on hybrid electric vehicle battery reconditioning short course allows participants to connect Prius pack modules to an EVc reconditioning unit for cell balancing. Our strong R&D team enriches Your Energy leading a role in battery technology Excellent service 1. | For zero down payment alternate to the NuVant financing plan, consider Crest Capital Financing for US buyers. Quick View. How long does it take to recondition a hybrid battery pack? Millbrook tests the performance and life of battery modules in line with a range of standards including ISO 12405 and QC/T 743. • The electrolyte used in the NiMH battery module is an alkaline mixture of potassium and sodium hydroxide. Return Back. Millbrook tests the performance and life of battery modules in line with a range of standards including ISO 12405 and QC/T 743. New owners of EVc reconditioning equipment receive a complementary 5-hour EZtime ticket. The modules have a memory of the small capacity demanded, thus resulting in the term “memory effect”. A new Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Pack for replacing the original HYBRID Module. Shenzhen Honghaosheng Electronics Co., Ltd. HAY-ZEK ELEKTRONIK DAYANIKLI TUKETIM TELEKOMINIKASYON INSAAT TURIZM TERLIK SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI. Recovery the battery core from the customer. When you install our new or refurbished batteries, you will get a core return. Alipay Module and … Step impedance analysis (SIA) of batteries and fuel cells. Q7. - Millbrook has a flexible facility for testing EV battery cells and modules. These parameters govern the choice of recipe parameters. Thanks for coming by our SEMA Show booth! When reconditioned modules are sorted and positioned for optimum performance, the battery pack is balanced. 浙B2-20120091. At the heart of automotive revolution: Battery 101. What if I need additional training after an EVc purchase? Example EVc output files for popular traction battery packs are shown below. Millbrook offers a wide range of battery abuse tests for cells, modules and full EV battery packs. The driving cycle of a hybrid vehicle subjects the battery pack to repeated shallow depths of discharge of less than 10% of the battery capacity. Modules are nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells connected in series. EVcharge imports module state-of-health data from the EVc-30. We provide 1-2 years warranty time , will change new products for you if quality problems. Over 100 EVc battery reconditioners operate in 14 countries / 6 continents! The required tools are (1) a menu driven charge discharge cycler (the EVc tool),  (2) software for analysis of amp-hour capacity and midpoint voltage data on every module maintained in inventory, (3) a QR code reader and (4) a 50 inch-pound torque limited nut driver. The electrolyte is absorbed into the battery cell plates and will not normally leak, even in a collision. Establish an inventory of reconditioned modules archived with watt-hour capacity and nominal module voltage data. It was great to meet…. You do not need to spend about $ 3,500 to replace the entire battery module, just need to replace several of the low-voltage bad module cell , That will save a lot of money. 1,592 hybrid battery cell products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which auto batteries accounts for 17%, nickel metal hydride batteries (ni-mh) accounts for 7%, and other batteries accounts for 2%.

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