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June 8, 2015 @ colonel jon hensley death cause; ... His home base was given as Dallas, and he carried as passenger Major Jon Hensley. Best known as the host of the nationally syndicated Are You Ready for the Country? I AM CHOOSING TO EXERCISE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH***. I thought maybe he had won an award, announced his wedding day, or even was going to be proud poppa. There was nothing disrespectful in the article. Talk shit about the man on what Kyle says is a respectful obituary. I never saw the entry. Yea. Enter and check it out! June 3, 2015 @ I have to say maybe you just didn’t remember that the girl would be blasted not only by social media, but by phone calls, people stopping by, and everything else.

Mary did the same. BR549, Gary Bennett, Goose Creek Symphony, Jon Hensley, Shooter Jennings, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, The Dirt Duabers, Wanda Jackson, First off, my condolences to everyone who had been touched by Jon at some point in their lives, whether you shook his hand once, or family and long time friends and colleagues.

The posted obituary was not meant to be the final chapter on Jon Hensley’s life from this site. The post Trig put up was kind, concise and respectful”. We search the internet rumors and bring you anything we discover. View latest articles, news and information about what happened to Jon Hensley, American radio personality, that died on Monday June 1st 2015at age 31. 7:28 am.

Online condolences may be made at

I’m not condemning those who reacted with anger. The death threats and hate toward the operator of this site is not warranted. John Hensley, Actor: Nip/Tuck. It was also written so everything was in a past tense. I didn’t see anything negative in the obit posted yesterday. Get beautiful photos on every new browser tab. We were not friends and barely acquaintances.

So maybe the shit storm the posting created wasn’t meant to be malicious but was still a storm and the girl is already drowning.

True colors are revealed in adversity and through this sad episode, the true colors of many have been unfurled and made apparent to anyone who reads this site. I have been informed by numerous people that they have taken screen shots of the post, so any concerns of future editing by SCM before posting are null and void. There was yet another sincere, genuine, heartfelt condolence sent to her on Twitter by a completely different person.

In the future I hope that he and I, as well as our supporters, can engage in meaningful, constructive debate and all work towards a common goal of protecting the legacy of country music”. I trolled Facebook this morning, as I do every morning looking for something interesting to share.

The Colonel Jon Hensley. Hensley also managed Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers and The Dirt Daubers—two acts involving performer JD Wilkes, and also managed Gary Bennett of BR549, and Goose Creek Symphony. It can take weeks, sometimes months to receive the results of toxicology reports and an autopsy. He gave them chances they probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. [3], This article is about the American actor.

If you choose to keep the article up despite high emotions and requests from close friends and family then I suspect you are going to find out very quickly the power of an angry internet.
His Wikipedia page was mentioned in earlier comments but I couldn’t even find that….not being nosy, but he has high school friends etc that would genuinely like to know how he passed and no one is saying that I am aware of- aside from rumors and heresay? June 8, 2015 @ Now I know that there is an obituary from the funeral home that covers the passing of Jon. Maybe it didn’t occur to you that you posting something would just make it all worse. Tattoos are so cool as of late that they say even Jon Hensley has more than one. 7:24 am, bill blaze

Regardless of cause, a loved one is gone. This is a dead issue.

Maybe they found cocaine on his person or cocaine in his system.

That’s pretty much as straight an item as one could write on a newsworthy person’s passing. I send nothing but love and hopes of healing to everyone touched by the death of Jon Hensley, and hope we can all come together and learn from his unfortunate passing, as opposed to using it as a flashpoint to seize on past grievances. radio program, Hensley interviewed more than a hundred celebrities and entertainers from the launch of his radio career in 2002 until his death in 2015. June 3, 2015 @ and whats the problem..because maybe drugs was involded..someone help me here, keith elgin Moreover, though the feud has not been hot for a while now, it seems the Shooter camp still has some bad blood here. Whenever there is a topic that becomes as upsetting and personal as this one, for the good of the Group and good of the cause it is removed or comments are cleared.

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