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What did you change when you were on the commission? “Hey, we’re gonna possibly redevelop Sherwood Forest. I have the experience to lead organizations. Born and raised in Hawaii, United States, Keith holds the American nationality and he belongs to mixed ethnicity. Somehow, “thanks to the generosity of his hānai family,” he ended up at Punahou. Keith was cared for and loved by others, an experience that shaped his views about community and generosity. So far, momentum appears to be on his side with last week’s news that he was outpacing his political rivals in campaign funds raised with more than $1.2 million. Stay home. His campaign message is that he is a “New Direction” and has a “fresh vision” for Hawai’i. So I’m in support of that. “Climate change is the crisis of our lifetime,” he notes. It could be it could be a policy position or even just a personal philosophy. You know, I don’t know if it’s the city’s role to tell them what to do, but I do know the hotels are already planning for climate change and sea level rise.

We need to be creative. And I’m proud to say that we’ve had multiple Olympians from Hawaii because of girls wrestling being a high school sport. Some of them said it was the best day of their lives, and that’s what made me see Keith’s heart for our community and our keiki. This pandemic has been horrible for many, many reasons, but if there’s any by-product of it, it’s proven we can communicate pretty effectively without being face-to-face. Your donation is critical to our success. I got to meet a lot of working-class people, and I got to learn about their issues and their challenges first-hand. I think he would be an absolutely wonderful mayor and just a fresh br [...], My first experience meeting Keith was when he coordinated for my students to be able to attend a UH football game, and they were so excited.

Candidate Q&A: Honolulu Mayor — Keith Amemiya “COVID-19 is the crisis of today, but climate change is the crisis of our lifetime.” By The Civil Beat Staff / September 8, 2020 What happens with someone like that, who’s got a residential property on the makai side of Kam Highway on the windward side or down in Ewa Beach, right up against, you know, near Hau Bush and stuff. But people say, ‘Who told you to run? It was done under the Abercrombie administration. I sympathize with the public. I think he would be an absolutely wonderful mayor and just a fresh breath of life for Honolulu. Or did you change anything? Everyone has some relative or friend who has mental illness, and it’s it’s like any other illness. Hillary Clinton got the other two-thirds, but you basically told one-third of the voters out there, Republican who did not vote Democrat, you know, ‘These are the guys I’m going with,‘ ‘cause by the way, David Ige and Scott Saiki and Ron Kouchi, and all of the members of the delegation in Congress, are Democrats too.

We have lost trust with the public. You know, you bringing up now, talking about tourism, a lot of people are coming off of our 10 million tourist year and then actually having a sort of vacation from the tourists right now. There’s no debate about that, in probably some things will have to be cut. By building relationships, rallying the community, and raising over $1.5 million through a public-private grassroots effort, Keith helped keep high school athletic programs afloat through his quick actions. He’s appointed me to a couple of state boards and commissions. Well, to the point we discussed earlier, giving more teeth to the police commission may help, and that in turn will give more confidence in the public. Would you impose a minimum wage of, say, $20 an hour for across-the-board, or for the hospitality industry, or something like that?

At least two of your competitors say that they don’t need training wheels to be mayor.
I mean, it sounds like it’s been a chronic problem for many years. I’d like to talk about homelessness a little bit, because it was cited as the number one issue of concern among residents in the latest National Community Survey, and the recent Point In Time count shows that numbers are virtually unchanged from last year. Well, there’s no good place for homeless people to stay, but Chinatown is not one of the places we should focus on. Sure. So it is with Keith Amemiya, who, thanks to the lessons taught by his hānai parents and his years of public service, has grown into the next possible mayor of Honolulu. I wanna look at vacant positions.' For the very determined Keith Amemiya, the seeds of his disposition were planted the day hānai parents Bert and Harriet Kobayashi sat him down for a heart-to-heart discussion about his future. Making Honolulu the greatest city will happen by everyone coming together, working hard, and focusing on our goal. This is a paid advertisement. I felt it was important to take a stand to show what party I belong to. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email. He has worked as Senior Vice President for Atlas and Island Insurance agency.

I would need to think about it through, but I’m inclined to say yes. I felt concerned for her. I’m also in favor of looking at maybe real property tax deferral, where they don’t have to pay it now, but they can pay it later.
During the 2009 state budget shortfall that brought “Furlough Fridays” for schools and threatened to end all junior varsity sports at public high schools, Keith spearheaded the “Save Our Sports” Campaign.

If there’s a shortage of workers at DPP, let’s look at outsourcing even more and focus more on compliance and enforcement on the back end.

The more dialogue, the more feedback, the better for everyone. In the year 1988, Keith completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. Like, “Here’s what your registration is for car one, and your second car is $200 more, and your third car is $300 more?”. And we exponentially increased the amount of college scholarship opportunities for girls. That’s a function of poor communication between government and our citizenry, and that’s something that I wanna emphasize as mayor. That simple effort – which has saved lives in other countries – was not even a consideration. So every situation is different, and in some cases, my sense is that the developers checked every box that they were supposed to check. What have they done wrong? Everyone on Oahu thinks they need their own car, and that everyone else should ride the bus or walk, and we need to all do our part. Well, I think we have to wait and see. Can I ask, you talk about this failure of government. **The opinions expressed here are those of the authors. There were cell block beatings, the scandal where they were selling food out of the police station’s kitchen that was meant for prisoners, things like that were happening. We’re currently 22,000 units short on Oahu. He’s not a cocky person. That’s not genuine. So as mayor, if you find yourself in the middle of it, what do you say to each of those factions, when people are putting themselves on the line? His website and his social media profiles are all about it. Kalei received a scholarship to UH, playing volleyball and basketball, and returned back to her home community of Molokaʻi as a teacher and coach in Molokaʻi public schools. “But that’s part of the deal and I’m OK with it.”.

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