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While the English and Spanish language arts TEKS contain substantively similar and equally rigorous expectations for students who are learning English or Spanish, these side-by-side documents point out the minor differences in student expectations (SEs).

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Review by Subject area web page provides information regarding the SBOE’s process and current and previous reviews.

Science  h�b```�g��rB ����� `��A� VBR�UX�p/e�ux�`����|���]nƆ;�y��3�x���E`)ӋF�|��i��~��~�����v ɨ|O��!��}��4��� ΄ȡ�� �� S�dF(�35�d����*��A ��230j100�H1$0:1�f�Ŵ�i*�k��,=��4҇!�͚���H� i�s@���A�X�k.,�Ǡʴ B��) endstream endobj 649 0 obj <.

648 0 obj <> endobj Languages Other Than English  Fine Arts (a) Introduction.

§110.2. Revised TEKS Resources The Resources for the Revised English and Spanish Language Arts and Reading TEKS webpage has been created to assist parents and teachers in the transition to the revised English and Spanish language arts and reading TEKS for implementation as follows: kindergarten-grade 8: implementation beginning with 2019-2020 school year and grades 9-12: implementation beginning … Well this checklist is perfect! Social Studies   Chapter 128.

Kindergarten Side-by-Side TEKS Comparison Current TEKS (2009 2010) Revised TEKS (2019 2020) Notes (a) Introduction (a) Introduction (1) The Spanish Language Arts and Reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) reflect language arts standards that are authentic to the Spanish language and Spanish literacy, not mere translations from English. The TEKS Checklist includes ELAR, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (newly updated), Health, and Technology Applications. Career and Technical Education. Kindergarten Side-by-Side TEKS Comparison Current TEKS (2009 2010) Revised TEKS (2019 2020) Notes (a) Introduction. ������du�L]`2L��H0yL���`r��&��տ �E�$�&��Ď*��6-g`bd`��b���G ��� © Copyright 2007-2020 Texas Education Agency (TEA).

(1) The English Language Arts and Reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are organized into the following strands: Reading, where students read and understand a wide variety of literary and informational texts; Writing, where students compose a !If you are on … More information and resources for the revised TEKS can be found on the Texas Education Agency website. The following link will provide information for the TEKS by subject area review: Chapter 110. SBOE members nominate educators, parents, business and industry representatives, and employers to serve on TEKS review committees. English Language Arts and Reading  %PDF-1.6 %����  Chapter 112. 0

Spanish Language Arts and English as a Second Language  Career and Technical Education. (a) Introduction. Subscribe to updates from TEA. (512) 463-9581.
In that case, the sequential numbering appears in the English language arts and reading SEs, and the Spanish language arts and reading SEs are matched to them. It covers the kindergarten TEKS and gives you the ability to track when you cover each throughout the year.  Chapter 116. h�bbd```b``. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by Grade Level (Elementary) The following documents provide the elementary TEKS compiled by grade level: Kindergarten (PDF, 289KB) Grade 1 (PDF, 302KB) Grade 2 (PDF, 342KB) Grade 3 (PDF, 351KB) Grade 4 (PDF, 350KB) Grade 5 (PDF, 347KB) Physical Education  English Language Arts and Reading, Chapter 114.

 Chapter 114. The following links provide access to TEKS-related documents: Prekindergarten Guidelines College Readiness Standards (outside source).

*These TEKS are updated for the 2020-21 school year. Mathematics  The State Board of Education (SBOE) has legislative authority to adopt the TEKS for each subject of the required curriculum.

The following documents provide the elementary TEKS compiled by grade level: Curriculum Standards and Student Support  Health Education  Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE), Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance, Restorative Discipline Practices in Texas, Bilingual Education Exception and ESL Waiver, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Texas College and Career Readiness School Models, TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills - Review and Revision, Data Driven Instruction in Early Childhood Education, Graduation Reports - PEIMS Standard Reports, Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, Annual Financial and Compliance Reports (AFRs), Depository Contracts for School Districts, PEIMS - Teacher FTE Counts and Course Enrollment, Middle School, High School, and College Preparation Initiatives, Reading, Math, Science, and Technology Initiatives, Comprehensive Report on Texas Public Schools, Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Reports and Data, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB), Assessments for Students with Disabilities, State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS), Texas Formative Assessment Resource (TFAR), Certificate and Transcript Search Information, Steps to Earn a Certificate of High School Equivalency, How to Become a High School Equivalency Testing Center, Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Overview, Fingerprinting for Certification Applicants, Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System, Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System, Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards, Disciplinary Actions taken against Texas Educators, Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation FAQ, Blended Learning Professional Development Opportunity, Chapter 110.

 Chapter 115. Also, SEs that are similar for revised English and Spanish language arts and reading may not have the same number or may be in a different order. Improvements have been made to the formatting for ease of referencing specific TEKS.

ELAR/SLAR TEKS Update 2019-2020 The following are side-by-side comparison documents for the 2017 revised English and Spanish language arts and reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to be implemented in the 2019–2020 school year in kindergarten …

**NEW update on May 11, 2020 with all updated/current TEKS!

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English Language Arts and Reading, Kindergarten, Adopted 2017. The revised TEKS consist of the following strands: When individual SEs are identical for revised English and Spanish language arts and reading, they are not listed in these documents. All Rights Reserved.

 Chapter 130.  Chapter 117. Career Development Spanish Language Arts and English as a Second Language, Chapter 130.

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