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Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Michel Trudeau, a passionate skier and outdoorsman like his father, knew the risks at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Thirteen, for November 13th, also sums to 117. The number 43 stands out. Michel died drowning after been swept away into a lake by an avalanche. (Youtube screenshot), INTERACTIVE TABLE: Search for schools, organize by exposure dates, The rescuee was cold but able to walk off the dock to meet BC Ambulance crews, Surrey Mounties responded to more than 900 calls for service, Another staff member at Good Samaritan Delta View Care Centre has tested positive for COVID-19. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Police say Trudeau’s group were knowledgeable about avalanche hazards and survival techniques _ even carrying locator beepers in case they were buried. Naterer’s father, Greg, is the dean of the faculty of engineering and applied science at the university. After an unexpected break in what had been snowy, foggy weather, rescue workers began their hunt for Michel Trudeau, who was swept into an icy lake by an avalanche Friday in southeastern British Columbia. Michel died on November 13th, 1 month and 18 days after the Jesuits formation September 27th anniversary.
‘Celebrity’ deaths are often synced with the Jesuits. The majority of new cases, and all deaths, happened in the Lower Mainland, Parents said academy had stricter COVID-19 protocols than public schools, ‘It’s actually unnerving because the area is so nice and calm’, Alberta Conservative MP Rachael Harder said called the lack of a budget for tree planting ‘shameful’, ‘Excelsior 4’ make second appearance Monday in provincial court, Pay it Forward program supports local businesses in their community giving, More than 8,000 respond to call for staffing up senior homes, Dr. Theresa Tam has urged people to reduce in-person socializing, Airports start programs to ease quarantine rules on travellers, Temporary store on 48th Avenue is 28,000 square feet in size, The 63-year-old from London, Ont., is one of several around the world who work as impersonators of U.S. president, ‘I feel like this is now my second chance to live out my dream,’ Samantha Savoy says, RCMP: ‘We do not believe there is any ongoing risk to the public’, ‘These stories belong to the community’ says Karen Dosanjh. Michel full name was Michel Charles Emile Trudeau. A Gofundme page, started by Jordan’s sister Julia Naterer, has raised $57,000 in two days.

https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/michel-trudeau-10805.php That day had a date numerology of 48. It is a popular spot for back-country hikers and skiers, said area manager for the province’s parks service, Steve Kent. Take out the family name it …

That’s his brother Prime Minister Trudeau. Avalanche sums to 67. Michel was killed 27 days after his father’s October 18th birthday. Mr. Trudeau said the family was very moved that the Kokanee Glacier Cabin had been built in Michel's memory, and in the memory of the dozen others who have died in the park over the years.
Michel Trudeau was on a backcountry skiing trip in November 1998 when an avalanche swept him off of a ski trail and into Kokanee Lake. Trudeau said the case sparked memories of the search for his own brother who went missing 22 years ago in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.

Government deficit budget ‘fiscal snapshot’ by the numbers, The Lupercalia masonic ritual sacrifice of legendary Harlem rapper BIG L, OJ Simpson’s white Bronco chase and the Jesuit racial ritual of Game 5 of the 1994 NBA Finals, The Blood Sacrifice by the numbers of actor River Phoenix, Kanye West declares he will run for U.S. president in 2020.

For what it’s worth, the father and former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, his son and current Prime, Justin Trudeau, the deceased and forever missing Michel Trudeau, even Sophie Trudeau, Justin’s wife, all attended Jean-de-Breboeuf College.

That’s not dead Michel. Did ‘they’ missed their shot? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. From birth? Despite search efforts, Michel’s body was never located. Murder sums to 34. When items the family believes belong to her son were found on Oct. 16, Josie said she flooded the Vancouver Police Department with calls. The young man has been living in B.C. ``They yelled at Mike `to swim, swim, swim’ but basically just watched him go under the water,″ Paul Sinclair, who was with the group a day earlier, told the National Post. ‘I am not leaving without my son,’ says mother of missing Manning Park hiker, Surrey’s huge ‘Christmas Store’ has opened for the season inside nursery, B.C. Trudeau said the case sparked memories of the search for his own brother who went missing 22 years ago in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Not only did Michel Trudeau died on a day with 23-date numerology….

It says he nearly got killed July 17th, 1998, in MANITOBA, five months before his death! Michel Trudeau, a passionate skier and outdoorsman like his father, knew the risks at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. for two years, but is originally from Newfoundland and Labrador where his parents still live. It also happened 43 days after his own birthday! This unfortunate (planned?) His name gematria seemed to have sealed his fate. He died in a town called Kokanee Lake, in British Colombia. Again. Ritual sacrifice aborted? And 1 month 18 days is equivalent to 48 days. Get local stories you won't find anywhere else right to your inbox.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If so, for whose benefit? Was Miss Elizabeth’s sudden death by overdose really an occult ritual sacrifice of the Sacred Feminine to BAAL?

Was it some kind of deal with the devil, so the Trudeau family, or more specifically Justin Trudeau acquire more political power? Despite search efforts, Michel’s body was never located.

We’re just going to have to go to the last seen point and try it from there,″ said Dave Poirier, head of a diving team that planned to attempt to recover Trudeau’s body later Monday. https://www.cbc.ca/archives/entry/1998-michel-trudeau-lost-in-bc-avalanche Michel went skiing and was swept away in a lake by an avalanche thundering down the Kokanee Glacier…. Trudeau drowned in the freezing waters after attempts to try and save him failed. His body has never been found. Search and rescue crews resumed their search for the young man at Manning Provincial Park Thursday morning. Live by the numbers. NELSON, British Columbia (AP) _ Helicopters crews saw no sign of the youngest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during an aerial search Monday over the mountain lake where he is believed to have drowned. Change ). His election on April 20th 1968 also had a date numerology of 48! “Heavily armed” Soldier intrudes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Rideau Hall residence and is arrested. 9,752 yet-to-be counted ballots in the Surrey-White Rock and 11,213 ballots in Surrey South. Naterer, a graduate of the University of B.C. The others reportedly in the group, Jeff Butcher, 22, and Bradley Hamacher, 23, huddled with Bednarz to keep him warm.

Not to far from Brandon. July 17th 1998 had date numerology of 141 and 51. But as its popularity has grown so has the death toll, with 10 avalanche fatalities in the last decade, including six killed in one slide in January. Bednarz managed to pull himself out. He was reported missing three days later. A spokesman for Pierre Trudeau issued a statement from Montreal saying Michel’s parents were deeply saddened.

“And the efforts that went into trying to find him, and how I felt when the search was called off.”.

Both Brandon and Portage la Prairie are in Manitoba Canada. The former prime minister has two other sons, Sacha and Justin. ( Log Out /  Overall, the reception of the evening was informative and well-natured. “I have no words except deep compassion and thoughtfulness,” the prime minister added. Rule by the numbers. Their family had been promised, Josie said, that the search would re-start if new information resurfaced.

Michel could have died right then and there. As leader of the Liberal Party, he first became Prime Minister on April 20th 1968. The Prime Minister says he will do what he can to move the case on a missing man in Manning Park forward, after the search for Jordan Naterer was called off earlier this week. Avalanche sums to 67. Sacrifice your own by the numbers? ( Log Out /  Michel Trudeau was on a backcountry skiing trip in November 1998 when an avalanche swept him off of a ski trail and into Kokanee Lake. Manning Provincial Park. And Pierre Trudeau. This is particularly sensitive to the Prime Minister, whose brother, Michel Trudeau, was killed in an avalanche while traversing Kokanee Glacier Park in 1998.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Police have not identified the others in the group, but published reports say Trudeau, 23, and Andrew Bednarz, 23, were thrown into the lake by the avalanche. Kokanee and Kokanee Lake sums to 62. The divers must work quickly because Kokanee Lake was freezing over, which could put the search on hold for weeks. Trudeau was on a skiing trip with friends at the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park in the Selkirk Mountains, in British Columbia, Canada, on November 14, 1998, when he was swept in to the Kokanee Lake by an avalanche. One thing we know, both Kokanee Lake, where he died ‘swept away to a lake by an avalanche’, and Brandon Manitoba, where he was almost killed, have a gematria of 62. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this weird creepy post, Michel Trudeau died 43 days before his older brother Justin‘s birthday, who was then 43 days away from being…27 years old! Jordan Naterer, an electrical engineer from Vancouver, was last seen Saturday Oct. 10. September 27th is the anniversary of the Society of Jesus aka the Jesuits Order formation! This happened 43 days before Justin’s birthday.

It replaces the one Michel slept in the night before an avalanche swept him into Kokanee Lake five years ago. A number often coded in news and stories about an “unfortunate, and unexpected” death which was most likely a blood sacrifice. Jesus. Michel’s name gematria hint at what may have happened to him and who orchestrated it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Helicopter crews prepared to drop explosives near the lake to clear an avalanche hazard before divers headed in. Imagine if they didn’t missed. The day he died, November 13th, left…48 days in the year. An online petition asking for the search for Jordan to be restarted, has over 33,000 signatures as of Thursday, Oct. 22.

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