nai caste surnames in punjab

In the entire history of Pakistan the most historic and correct decisions have been from the dissenting judges not the majority. It is pertinent to mention here that before hoisting flag of a political party at our homes, we must hoist our National Flag to keep our spirits high and show our enemies that WE ARE UNITED without any discrimination. This is a Well Respected Community in Punjab and, Below here are some Surnames Belonging to this Caste. The older tribesmen actually were like a huge family and it was a good thing. a sikh and read history or go to u tube to see speeches Also original Punjabi tribes know they are North Indians actually as adterall Punjab is a part of North India historically. i do not know either the editorial staff upload it or not but one thing i need to mention here. It was a exception and not a rule. In order to understand the historical caste divisions in Punjab, ... Arain, Lohar, Ghumiar, Bar-wale, Mirasi, Teli, Nai, Mochi ... people [from Punjab] use their changed surnames. My mom confirmed their Indian caste name was “Nai”. Sir still there are many discrepancies in this article. The Bhatti rajputs in particular have heavily intemingled and intermarried with Central Punjab Jat clans like the Cheema and the Tarar. Jat is a Tribe name and not some social class. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Also what a pity that he actually first divided people according to Religion and then Divided Sikhs into certain tribes and Muslims into others and this is sheer ignorance and nothing else. Wahabism does not suit Pakistani temperament. They also performed basic hygiene tasks, like drawing water for baths and soap making. This article possibly contains original research. its in Anatolian language Tanoli Sb So please differentiate in them. They were one of the only castes, along with Ramgarhia (Carpenters) and Teli (oilman) to have their names translated to English on the rolls. even so-called intellectuals who praised the book Punjabi Taliban did so because in the book author tries to mention madrassas of south Punjab. Excellent article and I praise you for that. Just other day I came to know that Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a Jat. of late leader of khalistan movment. Caste is more like Hindu religious thing while Tribe is a family thing which represent common geneology. Allah u Akber. We are like an extended family and i really like this tribe system as we could work collectively as a huge family. I enjoy Abrar-ul_haq's Jatt songs. When Islam came to India, Indians became Muslims but really kept most of their practices. And yes as some comments above show, the Mastoi are not a caste but a Baluch tribe. A classical example is 2nd marriage of the widow, which would almost certainly degrade a Rajput tribe or touching of the Plough that would degrade rajputs and Brahmins. Ji.We,always,have to act rising above these petty considerations in the best interests of the man-kind.With regards,Surender Pruthi,Sonipat(India). Like everyone mentioned, Nais took care of family hygiene on weekly basis, but also were match makers. In India caste refers to something that you are born into and cannot be changed. Nai's werent just responsible for personal hygiene but also were used as match makers for families, they also had other roles during births, marriages and funerals. Same tribal groupings, that is caste. As a matter of fact, the family of Mukhtar were more connected and well off than the family of the girl that was befriended by Mukhtar's brother. I think that the author is mixing up caste and clans. Pakistan’s caste system: The untouchable's struggle. Nais would start calling themselves Jats, Lohars became Khatris. I belong from Sargodha and Khushab region and I am from Awan tribe and for me if discrimination could be ended then tribes are a great thing. Mukhtar Mai was a victim of vani. A couple of examples are justice Munir and ZAB's case where the dissenting judges have written historic and correct decisions. @Ajmal sahab

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