pcu vs med surg

I feel so unprepared. Wouldn’t L&D or psych run into same dilemma? I complete agree with you. We can do anything we want to do, but we must take a step in that direction. And as a nurse with an ER/Trauma background, we loved our psych nurses! Extremely excited about critical care nursing, I had the opportunity to work in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) during my senior practicum with another classmate. My externship is going really well, I mesh w/ the nurses and techs on that floor really well and I thin I have a pretty good chance of getting hired there if I apply when I graduate.

Have you considered taking on an opportunity that’s presented to you (med-surg or others) and using that as a foot in the door to your dream role. You’ll still learn about the art and skill of nursing, just in the specialty that you desire to work in. Thanks for reading.

IVF & IVPiggy back, trach care, suctioning, IV push medications, chest tube/drain management, wound/ostomy care, post-surgical care, drawing blood in the proper order).

During our one-on-one meeting for the transfer, she kept trying to convine me that I needed to start med surg or neuro telemetry (basically med surg). Looking for work in an ICU or PCU? You need to start out in med-surg so you can learn prioritization of care, get your rhythm, learn how to document, develop your basic skills (PIV insertion, NG insertion, tube feedings, using the IV pump, kangaroo, tpn administration, admin.

I am a senior in nursing school, I will be graduating in may. Quiet frankly, I hate working in this unit. It’s great that you supported a new grad in her desires to work on your unit.

To put it simply, the most severe and complicated medical patients are cared for here. The progressive care unit (PCU) and intensive care unit (ICU) are dedicated hospital wings for patients who need specialized care and ongoing medical attention. I regret my decision to “hit the ground running” with higher acuity patients because I feel like I failed. As a nurse working in a critical care setting, you may have to answer important questions about a patient’s condition and communicate information to them and their loved ones. I could take breaks and even talk to other nurses. In some hospitals, respiratory therapists take care of the bulk of vent maintenance, but the RN still needs to know what everything means. Med-surg nurses share the spark that ignited their passion. I’ve just been offered a position on the unit and some of the nurses have suggested I get med-surg experience before I try to work in ambulatory surgery, and that it’s more of a place for people with significant experience. Build your foundation first, then go into your dream specialty.

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