revolut passcode not working on new phone

It’s still unacceptable that a company providing banking services only has a customer support line via a buggy app. My husband has the app so he used chat to ask for help - a bot reply - live agent sent a standard response telling us to check out YouTube videos and FAQs. I won’t make that mistake again. There’s no phone or email to contact to resolve this. The reset passcode function doesn’t do anything. I re-downloaded the app and tried to login but previously I had used fingerprint. I will appreciate your assistance. and each time this action “closses” my chat and I have to restart everything from the beginning to tell the same story to another operator… I will send you a direct message so we can take a closer look into this. Also, do I have to re-add my top-up cards on new phone or they will automatically will be there? The reset passcode function doesn’t work either. Did that but the answer doesn’t correspond to what is appearing on my phone. All good now, Hello, I have the same problem. ... and choosing the option to change it within the app was not working.
Hi I am getting deeply frustrated as I have been trying to reset my passcode for over 24 hours. (maybe there is some sort of push notification I need to enter from old phone to new one?). In the app I had 3 different outcomes - 1 existing customer = set up a new account because yours is empty! The app asked for my phone number and all the other data required to make a new account. The passcode that I thought I used does not work and I go via “Forgot?” and enter my full phone number, “Reset Passcode” stops being greyed out and I can press it. Joined this community last night and perhaps posted in the wrong place but the title was correct: Reset my Passcode - no reply. I changed my iPhone and tried to login and the app Said that my passcode is incorect, i used the ‘forgot my passcode’ entered my phone number and received an email. Hello. Hi there I’m having exactly the same issue. Also, doesn’t recognize phone number and doesn’t send any verification code. Can you please delete and reinstall the app now and let me know? Looked for help in the community and via a formal complaint as that seemed to be the only way to get some human contact but even complaint team don’t bother to reply. I really don't know where I could've done a mistake. Tried reinstalling the app but it does not help.

Now it’s asking for a passcode which sadly I never recorded. What else can I do? I blame whoever came up with this absurd company policy. (maybe there is some sort of push notification I need to enter from old phone to new one?). I am having the same problem. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled.

I bought the new phone. Disappointing will use card til I have no balance them I’ll move to another company if not resolved. I’m having exactly the same issue - I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app 5 minutes ago, and I still have the problem. No, they’ll be waiting for you in new phone. I have unistalled and reinstalled 3 times and still having the same problem. My fingerprint is not recognised, my password as well and i cannot change it due to lock down.

Moving on from this point, ... and I’m being asked to input my phone number and to create a new pin for the app. As advised by whoever was manning the Revolut Twitter app, try clearing the app cache as well.

Tried reinstalling the app but it does not help. I switched to a new phone a month ago… I installed app, logged-in and then had to add my (physical) card.

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