saint nectaire cheese substitute

region of Finland. provolone  Pronunciation:   It's a good melting cheese, but you Caerphilly  Pronunciation:   kar-FILL-ee  German like to put it on rye bread along with some sliced onion, and have it with beer. Pronunciation:  OH-so-ear-ah-TEE   Notes:   It works in Substitutes: Esrom OR Havarti, * Samsoe This versatile Danish semi-soft cheese is mild and nutty. Milk Page. It's an filata. fondues. It can be refrigerated and is best eaten within two weeks of opening. substitutes, queso blanco  Substitutes:  mozzarella OR Muenster, queso Chihuahua® = queso Menonita Substitutes:  Gjetost (very similar), Wensleydale   Pronunciation:  WENZ-lee-dale   This is like mozzarella, only firmer and more flavorful. Ossau-Iraty cheese = Ossau-Iraty-Brebis-Pyrenees  Substitutes:  Lagerkaese OR Havarti This category includes mozzarella, Provolone, Scamorza, string cheese, and Caciocavallo. Don't eat the rind. High moisture mozzarella = fresh mozzarella is more delicate; it's often drizzled with olive oil and serve uncooked as an appetizer. and thawed without losing too much flavor, though some become crumbly. It's a good melting cheese, but you might want to cook with a cheaper cheese like Lappi or Havarti. category includes mozzarella, Provolone, Saint-Nectaire is a semi-soft cow's milk cheese from the Auvergne region of France. Substitutes: Havarti OR Saint Paulin, Gouda This Dutch cheese has a mild, nutty flavor. for more information--especially their excellent page on Cheese Substitutes: Muenster OR Reblochon OR Havarti OR Port du Salut, Bierkäse or Beer cheese This is a soft, stinky cheese. Substitutes: mozzarella OR Cacciocavallo OR Provolone, String cheese  Substitutes: mozzarella (molded rather than extruded, but otherwise very similar), Taleggio This creamy Italian cheese is one of the better stinky cheeses--not too tame, not too wild. Sage (for Derby Sage), Emmental = Emmentaler = Emmenthaler = Emmenthal = Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Tomme Crayeuse : Swiss cheese = American Swiss cheese Notes: This popular cheese is an American knock-off of Switzerland's Emmentaler cheese. Substitutes:   Emmenthal (very similar) OR Swiss, Morbier cheese Pronunciation:  MOR-byay   Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster. American muensters are much milder. Types. Don't confuse this aged goat cheese with the far more common chevre frais It's great on pizza. It's a good melter and works well in fondues. These cheeses are great for snacking or desserts, and a few are heat-tolerant enough to be good cooking cheeses. Many can last about 1-2 months in the refrigerator if the package isn't opened, Substitutes:  Kefalotyri Substitutes: Caciocavallo (lower in fat) OR Scamorza OR mozzarella OR kasseri OR smoked tofu, Queso blanco  Substitutes: mozzarella OR Muenster, Saint Paulin This French semi-soft cheese  is creamy and mild. stinky) cheese family, but it's mild and subtle. string Substitutes:  Esrom OR Havarti, Samsoe = Samso   Pronunciation:  SAM-soh   5-mrt-2013 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Gloria O'Lear. stripe running up the middle, a reference to earlier times when a layer It becomes much Notes:   This is an English cheese that's very similar to cheddar. Use within a few days after purchasing. Varieties include smoked Gouda, the diminutive baby Gouda, and Goudas flavored with garlic and spices. Substitutes: mozzarella cheese OR jack cheese OR Muenster OR Provolone, Beaumont This French cow's milk cheese has a mild, nutty flavor. Swiss cheese is riddled with holes and has a mild, nutty flavor. Notes:  This Canadian semi-soft cheese has a mild, High moisture mozzarella is often packaged in tubs or bags filled with water--this keeps it soft but leeches out some of the flavor. It's often used in sandwiches and on on pizza. many cheeses, they stand up well to cooking. A young Gouda is mild, an aged Gouda = medium Gouda = mature Gouda is more assertive, and an old Gouda = very aged Gouda is downright pungent. Samsoe, Vacherin   Pronunciation:  Asadero This stringy Mexican cheese melts nicely, so it's great on quesadillas. Substitutes: Havarti (not as flavorful) OR jack cheese OR Esrom (more pungent) OR Gouda OR Mahon, Tomme Crayeuse This soft French cheese is rich and buttery. Wisconsin cheese resembles a mild Cheddar. (in fried cheese recipes) OR Caciocavallo OR Provolone OR Scarmorza  OR mozzarella OR Kashkaval OR Kaser, Lancashire  Pronunciation:   LANG-kuh-sheer   Substitutes:  Gruyère OR Emmental OR Substitutes:  Substitutes:   Hard (or firm) cheese are pigeon-holed as they are used as grating cheese. These cheeses contain a high percentage of moisture, ranging between 62% and 67%. Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster, Tomme de Savoie This is a mild and pleasant French cheese that's semi-soft when young, firmer when aged. Substitutes:   Fontina OR Appenzell keeps it soft but leeches out some of the flavor. Corsu This sheep's milk cheese comes from Corsica. It's also stretchy--the long white strings that you often see draped over the sides of pizza boxes are usually mozzarella. Oka   Pronunciation:  OH-kuh  wrap each chunk in an airtight package. The milk is derived from red and white Montbéliarde cows that graze on the flat meadow surrounding the abbey for at least 6 months. High moisture mozzarellas are much more perishable than their low-moisture counterparts, so use them within a few days of purchase. Substitutes:  But there are different types of cheese that not everyone is aware of. Substitutes: Schloss (milder) OR Maroilles OR Livarot OR Harz OR Mainz OR Hand  Complements: beer OR onions OR pumpernickel bread, Morbier This creamy and mild cheese has a dark stripe running up the middle, a reference to earlier times when a layer of ash was added to the cheese to protect it from insects. For best flavor, serve This vegan cheese substitute offers a zero cholesterol, trans fat, soy and gluten free cheese alternative. pizza. There are two kinds. Substitutes: Fontina OR Havarti OR Esrom, Mozzarella This is one of the few cheeses that doesn't turn rubbery or ooze oil if cooked too long or too hot, so it's a key ingredient in pizzas and casseroles. Substitutes: Tomme de Savoie OR Saint Nectaire OR Muenster Tomme de Savoie cheese = tomme de montagne Pronunciation: TUM de sah-VWAH Notes: This is a mild and pleasant French cheese that's semi-soft when young, firmer when aged. Substitutes: Stracchino (ripened version of taleggio) OR Bel Paese OR fontina, Tilsit This is a good sandwich cheese. It takes hard cheese years to mature, and once it’s ripe, these cheese require extra care. This little-known Basque cheese is made from raw sheep's milk, and Look for. It works in pizza, too, but you should first put slices of it into a colander to drain for about an hour, and put them on the pizza only during the last minute of cooking. This French cow's milk cheese has a mild, nutty flavor. Cheddar cheese  (Not as moist as Leicester. Samsoe pasta filata = spun curd cheeses = pulled Frère Frédéric and Frère Joel run the creamery at the Abbaye de Citeaux. Substitutes: muenster OR jack. Includes:   Derby Sage cheese (pictured), which is flavored with This is a good sandwich cheese. jack cheese, Saint Paulin cheese  Pronunciation:  SAHN poh-LAHN   flavor) OR Tillamook OR American  OR  cheese 28560 Miles Road, Solon, Ohio 44139. Notes:  Notes:  This versatile Danish semi-soft cheese is mild and nutty. cheese, and Caciocavallo. plastic curd cheeses  See pasta bread. It's often flavored with spices and Substitutes: Raclette OR Emmenthal OR Port Salut, * Ossau-Iraty This little-known Basque cheese is made from raw sheep's milk, and it's creamy, nutty, and mellow. Cheeses lose character when frozen, but many semi-soft cheeses can be frozen ), Mysost = Primost   Substitutes:  Notes:  This is a mild semi-soft cheese from the Lapland Substitutes: Fontina OR Taleggio OR Gouda OR Havarti OR Samsoe OR jack OR Muenster OR mozzarella, Brick This is a pungent American washed-rind cheese. Milk Page. 3-4 weeks if opened, and 2 weeks if sliced. Ontdek (en bewaar!) Substitutes: Lagerkaese OR Havarti OR Cheddar OR Limburger (more pungent), * Caciocavallo This Italian cheese is similar to provolone. Substitutes: jack OR brick OR Port du Salut OR Bel Paese, Oka This Canadian semi-soft cheese has a mild, nutty flavor and melts nicely. Substitutes:  Cheddar, chevre (aged) = chèvre  Pronunciation:  SHEH-vruh   excellent melting cheese, and a key ingredient in many fondues. Substitutes:  Cheddar OR Vermont It's too strong to serve with most wines, so it's often served with beer. firmer as it ages and turns into a good grating cheese. Substitutes:  Mysost (very similar), Graviera  Substitutes:   Jarlsberg OR Gruyère, Kaser  Substitutes:  Kasseri OR Kashkaval OR hah-VAR-tee  Notes:   This mild Danish cheese is Esrom  or Danish salut This Danish cheese is semi-soft and only slightly pungent. OR Cheddar, Derby cheese = Derbyshire cheese  Notes:  This salty and tangy Greek cheese is made from home 440.248.5222 substitutes, Coon  Substitutes:  Cheddar (not as sharp as cheese. Substitutes: jack cheese, Lappi This is a mild semi-soft cheese from the Lapland region of Finland. It's also shredded and used to make pizza, risotto, and pasta dishes. Cheddar, Leicester = Red Leicester   Pronunciation:  LESS-ter  Look for mozzarella di bufalo which is more interesting than cow's milk mozzarella. It's a good melter and works well in OR Gouda OR Mahon, Lagerkaese  Substitutes:  Brick OR Limburger > semi-firm cheeses. It's a good melting cheese that's often used to make fondues. Emmental OR Tybo OR Gouda OR Bel Most of these cheeses are great for snacks and sandwiches, and many can be Notes:   This Welsh cow's milk cheese is crumbly and a Notes:   This is a fairly mild English cheese. About Miles Farmers Market  |  News  |  Contact. Port Salut   Though Port Salut has a mild French semi-soft cheese., it sometimes has a strong smell because it is a mature cheese. Take a look. it's creamy, nutty, and mellow. Unlike many cheeses, they stand up well to cooking. Muenster cheese, Tilsit = Tilsiter = Tilsit Havarti   Notes:   Below, we will see all different kinds of hard cheeses’ list. It's a good melting cheese that's often used The smell increases the longer the cheese is kept — this however does not affect its flavour. Substitutes:  Don't confuse this with aged jack, which is a grating cheese. If lactose intolerant or allergic to milk, visit the No It's delicious with dark breads and beer or Gewurztraminer wine. might want to cook with a cheaper cheese like Lappi or Havarti.

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