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Below we have listed out all the skills that you can train for your Zenonia 5 paladin.

We will then discuss how and why you should go for certain stats builds. Zenonia 5 has proven to be hard for even skilled people. As a melee fighter, your goal is to be able to kill enemies without them killing you first. Using a trainer can give them that extra advantage they need to advance within Zenonia. In addition, the Wizard can protect himself with buffs. Something like 5 INT 1 CON per level. Maxed out, you instantly heal 38% of your HP for only 187 SP, saves lots of potions. The elite rich began to exploit the poor and great darkness came over the kingdom. The huge downfall of this skill is the long cool time and low duration. i have develop a balance str, con, int paladin.. my god.. i am unbeatable in pvp.. i call it the diamond type.. i have allot of sp for healing and some active skills, and i may suggest at least a paladin should have 1 shield charge, so u can get near to your opponent. Then, tap on the map in the upper right corner of the screen to go to the big map, and it will highlight the area that you need to go to in order to complete the next major quest (not the side quests). You can substitute your ATT into the 'formulas' and get an average damage to a single monster. Receiving the increased zen and gold supplied by a good trainer could be the force they need to advance through the game. So basically you’re going to want to choose 2 to 6 main attacks to fill your skill slots. Shield Charge [1] – Your usual charge move. However, you can consider having just 1 point in the skill as a finisher. With the plenty of HP healing skills to use, they can wear and counter every PvP opponent to death in almost every match. Not great, but you can increase hits by leveling this to 5 and 10. You can go into the Abyss once a day free, and the Wizard’s constant AOE works great for it. You will have decent attack while having OK defenses and HP to survive enemy attacks. I skip the buffs because the Paladin has enough DEF with CON adding 3 DEF rather than the usual 2. For protection and escaping, this could maybe be mildly useful. ?need a friend to add to get 7777 title.. use full con def, reflect skill, and archangel summon was unbeatable. It might be time to get back into the franchise, thanks for the skill guide! Based on the stats you get, STR is obviously a no-go. They are especially powerful in End game Zenonia 5 Hell Mode. However, if your goal is simply to play through the game once, this is the easiest build.

After I ultimately complete Zenonia 5, I’d really like to produce a fresh character and hack it to max level along with 100 % gear, as well as go straight away to PvP. The fact that you can play with many other real people around the world offers amazing value within Zenonia 5. If you don’t pump into STR, it’ll take ages to kill things, because you’ll be able to survive harder enemies as well. Being allowed to max out a brand new character inside Zenonia 5 could be great. About INT or DEX Hybrids Other than our proposed paladin stats builds, you should avoid INT and DEX altogether. I want to become a good partner when it comes that we or I have a time to join the pvp. Ttocs L. more. Long ago, a great war was fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind. The purifying flame will be laid as a trap on the floor that deals very little damage to be worthwhile. Becauseofits ability to multi hit, it can do quite a bit of damage at level 10 as well. You can also use it as a little boost to increase your HP healed from curing light. Nevertheless you should consider having the skill when you could more of less tank the mobs. However, we do not recommend having 1 STR and 2 CON. You get 4 different buffs and I’d suggest choosing 2 so you have space at least for Archangel’s Blessing. CRITs means tons of knockback, so you can usually prevent getting hit while staggering the enemy in a 1v1 situation. The abilites and equipment you have available in Zenonia tend to be distinctive to whatever class you decide on. Absolute Shield [35] – Summon 2 spheres that rotate your character for 6 seconds (+1 per additional skill point) while protecting you by boosting your DEF. Zenonia 5 Wizard Guide How to Make Gold in Zenonia 5 Gold can be very important or close to useless depending on your class and build. Paladins are pretty strong with the 2 hammers but i was wondering.

Crest of Authenticity [5] – A buff that increases your Max HP by 47% for 40 seconds at max level. Hits 3 monsters max. Pretty much one of your best AOE skills. You should only put 1 point into this skill because Recharge’s damage potential is lacking and you do get hit while casting the skill. Recharge Shot [15] – Not good, you send out 3 projectiles (outwards, so they go a little up, straight, and a little down) and heal a little bit. For those who have already beaten Zenonia 5, the ability to instantly generate a fully functional character and proceed straight away to the online aspect would be awesome. Pure CON Tank Build The Pure CON is the tank’s build, you will rarely die from enemy attacks as long as you have up to date gears with defensive skills and abilities. Offensively, the shield hits everything around you, but slowly (around once a second) and not very hard (something lower than your ATT).

Pure con is the way to go. The Paladin swings a small and very quick sword (the quickest of all the characters), which is arguably the best attack for hitting multiple enemies at once. It's fast, and with the new 8 directions you can attack (rather than the previous 4), you can aim your attack diagonally and juggle enemies that would kill you otherwise. You should max this skill as soon as you have enough skill points. The first two [level 5] passives aren’t great unless you’re finding yourself to be very poor constantly. Throughout Zenonia 5, you can actually attack without worrying about the game auto-attacking during specific times. The [Damage] and [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] is there to help maybe compare the skills better. You will find there’s loads of attractive features throughout Zenonia 5. Hybrid 2 STR and 1 CON Build Same as Pure STR Paladins. It's a really fun class to play but has the obvious downside of not having tons of HP. However, this skill may be less useful if you have pure STR builds. For all the builds of Paladin, your primary focus is the ATT attributes. The Wizard/Mage class in Zenonia 5 has been nerfed and isn’t as powerful as one would expect from a spellcaster class. Playing Zenonia is an amazing way to kill a few hours. Your next step is to plug the weakness of your characters. They are extremely bad for farming gears and leveling will be a bad grind. The best choice for you is Holy Fairy Extreme Offense with 3 Skill Slots. Playing Zenonia is an awesome way for you to kill time. The brand new combat system throughout Zenonia 5 is a thing that absolutely made the experience even better. This is only because the ATT value counts more when compared to the growth of all other stats. Long ago, a great war was fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind. On a fully decked pure CON paladin along with the damage reflect skill, you will almost never lose against any PvP players in the game.

However, you will need the necessary equipment to be a more effective Paladin fighter. Pure attack mechanics and wizards can wipe out the low paladin HP really fast. Lvl 2 – Curing Light (1)Lvl 3 – Shield Charge (1)Lvl 4 – Curing Light (2)Lvl 5 – Holy Cross (1)Lvl 6 to 14 – ATT Increase (9)Lvl 15 – Hammer of Silence (1)Lvl 16 to 24 – Curing Light (5), DEF Increase (5), ATT Increase (10)Lvl 25 – Hammer of Justice (1)Lvl 26 to 34 – STR Increase/CON Increase/Hammer of Justice/Curing Light (whatever you need). Curing Light [1] – Your Paladin self-heal skill. At end game the Paladin will also have decent defenses and HP to survive hits better than mechanics and wizards. I have only managed to locate a select few guides that really work. Is unlimited Zen beneficial? You can cast curing light right after Crest of Authority so that you get additional boosts from HP % recovered. The other active skills are pretty flimsy. Something you can do with your normal attack combo—it goes 3 small blasts then 1 big right? Add 5 STR and 1 CON every two levels. If an attack is 'x aoe' that means you can hit everything in the vicinity.

For pure STR paladin: Mud Slayer: Attack +20% Kill 100 Mud Titans, Kumtra Killer: Strength +20% Kill 50 Kumtras, For pure CON Paladin: Legendary Warrior: HP +20% Achieve level 99, Super Miner: Constitution +15% Mine 50 Orichalcon. The tutorials I actually have read and seen are fantastic, nevertheless I have only found a particular handful that really work. The [Damage] and [Approximate Skill Level 10 Damage] is there to help maybe compare the skills better. Log into your account. Is never-ending Zen valuable? Zenonia 5 gets to be a whole lot more uncomplicated, and also the character level up approach will get simple. It is the fifth installment of the Zenonia series. Passives are very straightforward. Although INT also provides some other stats, but going STR to boost ATT is still better.

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